Dr. Cynthia E. Orozco

Cynthia visits with Rosie Mirabal Garza, daughter of Rodolfo Mirabal, LULAC founding constitutional convention attendee, Corpus Christi, February 2010

Cynthia & husband Leo donate book to Corpus Christi Mary Carroll High School librarian and students
Cynthia at KPFK radio station, Los Angeles, Mar. 2010
Latin King of Comedy Paul Rodriguez goes berserk over Cynthia's book at 81st National LULAC Convention, Albuquerque, July 2010

Cynthia and Leon Ham, Tularosa resident and Santa Fe radio personality, at the Tularosa Public Library, Tularosa, NM, Aug. 2010

LULAC National President Rosa Rosales, Texas Board of Education Mary Helen Berlanga, and Cynthia celebrate her book at the Texas State LULAC Convention, Austin,TX June 2010

South Texas College Chicano Studies chair Victor Gomez welcomed Cynthia to McAllen where 300 students greeted her, Oct. 2010

Cynthia celebrates with Carmen Tafolla, writer and descendant of James Tafolla Sr., LULAC founder, at the Alameda Museum, San Antonio, TX  Nov. 2010

Past National LULAC President Belen Robles and Cynthia at the National Latino Congreso, El Paso, TX  January 2010

Cynthia and Luz Maria Prieto, wife of Luis Wilmot, grandson of LULAC founders of Corpus Christi Ofelia and Louis Wilmot, at the National Mexican Museum of Art, Chicago, Sept. 2011
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